Version 7.19

Release Date: January, 2021


Process Simulator

  • You can now attach a simulation scenario to a BPMN model and simulate a model with an attached simulation scenario. The output of a simulation is a simulated log. You can analyze a simulated log using all the functionality available in Apromore (Process Discoverer, Dashboard, etc.). In the Dashboard, you can view a range of statistics for simulated logs, including case duration, case duration within timetable, case waiting time, cycle time, waiting time, and cost.

Node duration performance filter

  • You can filter out cases based on the node’s duration.

Arc duration performance filter

  • You can filter out cases based on the arc’s duration.

Secondary attribute filter

  • You can filter out cases based on two attributes simultaneously, for example, retain or remove all cases where there is an event with Activity = “Create order” (primary attribute) and Resource = “John Smith” (secondary attribute).

Share filters and dashboards

  • Multiple users can edit filters and dashboards concurrently.

Dashboard auto-saving

  • You can now choose whether or not to auto-save changes to your dashboards.

Export dashboards

  • You can now export your dashboards in a variety of formats incl. Word and PowerPoint to create professionally looking reports.

Timestamp format detection in CSV Importer

  • A wider range of timestamp formats are now supported.

Timezone detection in CSV Importer

  • When you import a CSV/XLSX/Parquet file, the timezone is automatically detected.

Import Parquet and XLSX files

  • You can upload a parquet or XLSX file.

Performance and look-and-feel improvements in Log Animator

  • The responsiveness of the log animator has been improved. When a large number of tokens are stuck in the same arc, a bubble is shown instead of showing individual tokens.

Version 7.18

Release Date: October, 2020


Portal grid view

  • You can browse through the folders and files in Apromore’s Portal in grid format (default mode) in addition to the old list format.

Import log from URL

  • You can import a file from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or from any URL.

  • See: Upload a file from URL

Save and share filters

  • You can save filters associated with a log and share these filters alongside the event log.

  • Note: Only the owner of an event log can save, edit, or remove the filters associated with that log. Other users can define temporary filters but not save them.

Customize, save & share performance dashboards

  • You can add, remove, or customize any performance indicator, chart or table in the default views of the performance dashboard.

  • You can add one or more custom views to the performance dashboard of a log. Custom views can be created from existing views or from scratch.

  • You can save and share dashboards. All changes you make to a performance dashboard are saved together with the event log and are visible to all users who have access to the log.

  • See: Video demonstration of the new Performance Dashboard.

  • Note: Only the owner of a log can edit the performance dashboard of the log. Other users can make a copy of a log and customize the dashboard on a copy of the log

Reusing CSV import schemas

  • When you import a CSV file, the mapping of the columns (schema mapping) is automatically saved. When you later import a CSV file with the same column headers, the CSV importer prompts a dialog box to let you choose whether to apply the saved mapping or not.

Clear applied filters

Search box in Process Discoverer

  • A new search box in Process Discover allows you to search for a node (e.g. activity) by its name or a prefix of the name. All nodes that match the search string are highlighted.

Enhanced users and groups management

  • You can grant access rights to any folder and file you own either to an individual user or to a group.

  • Administrators can create groups and assign users to groups.

  • See: Users and groups management

Download process performance stats from dashboard

  • You can download the data behind any chart or table in the performance dashboard in CSV format, or you can download all CSV files with the data in the performance dashboard in a single zip file

Copying and moving logs or process models

Improved session management

  • We have made improvements to session management to improve performance and reduce session timeouts.

LDAP Authentication

  • System administrators can more easily configure Apromore to connect to a corporate LDAP directory for authentication.

New shortcuts for filtering

  • You can open the case filter, case variant filter, event filter, activity filter, performance and timeframe filters in one click from the Process Discoverer by clicking on the respective icons in the Log Statistics and Temporal statistics sections of the Process Discoverer.

Relative case frequency overlay

  • You can now display the relative case frequency on each node/arc in the Process Discoverer. The relative case frequency is the percentage of cases in which a given node or directly-follows relation occurs.

Bug Fix

Folder and file renaming

  • The portal gives an error message when you enter forbidden characters in file name.

Handling of long labels

  • Fixed a bug that made long activity or node labels to go across the corresponding node in the process map/model.

Version 7.16

Release Date: June, 2020

  • New Features:
    • Tiles of performance measures can now be created in custom dashboards. These can be useful to display a set of standard and user-defined KPIs, in addition to the custom charts

    • Aggregated log stats can now be exported from the Dashboard into CSV files

    • Reimplemented median calculations for frequencies and durations in Process Discoverer

    • Introduced “breadcrumbs” for easier Portal navigation

    • Process models and logs can now be searched for from the Search bar of the Portal

  • Improvements:
    • Improved memory management across various plugins

    • Process models created by the Merge plugin are now automatically laid out

    • Improved automatic detection of various timestamp formats in CSV Importer

    • Automatic detection of case attributes and event attributes in CSV Importer

    • Removed unused fields in the Portal

    • Simplified import of process models

    • Multiple visual and performance improvements in custom dashboards

  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed issue with not being able to animate some logs

    • Fixed issue with misaligned timelines in the log animation

    • Fixed issue with CSV importer failing due to missing case identifiers or activity names

    • Fixed issue with the results of Similarity Search not being displayed until the Portal is refreshed

    • Fixed some issues with the Rework & repetition filter

Version 7.15

Release Date: May, 2020

  • Process Discoverer: New ribbon interface makes it easier to tune and switch between visualization and abstraction settings

  • Dashboard: Ability to create customized charts with user-defined KPIs

  • Portal:
    • Enhanced user registration screen

    • Ability to choose file format when downloading event logs (XES or CSV, and encoding for CSV files)

  • Log Animation: Visual improvements in the Log Animation

  • CSV Importer: UI and performance improvements

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 7.14

Release Date: March, 2020

  • Process Discoverer:
    • Re-engineered plugin with new internal, high-performing data structure

    • Re-designed user interface with new abstraction functionality and statistics visualization

  • Filter:
    • Cosmetic improvements

    • Performance improvements

  • Dashboard:
    • Log cloning feature

    • Cosmetic improvements

    • Performance improvements

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 7.13

Release Date: February, 2020

  • New modern UI featuring consistent branding and look & feel

  • CSV Importer:
    • Support for non UTF-8 encodings

    • Fault tolerance (e.g. missing attribute value)

  • Filter:
    • New Rework & Repetition filter makes it easier to track cases with repeated tasks (e.g. rework due to amendments)

    • Ability to search for specific cases and event attributes when setting filters

    • New Case variant and Case ID Inspector view

  • Process Discoverer:
    • Pie charts to show the percentage of cases, variants and events left after applying a filter

    • Performance improvements

  • Dashboard:
    • Distinction between Case attributes and Event attributes

    • Relative frequency in Activities and Resources views

    • Performance improvements

  • Single Editor for process modeling based on (legacy editor deprecated)

  • Various bug fixes

Version 7.10

Release Date: December, 2019

  • Filter:
    • Advanced case variant filter to show the distribution of case variants

    • Advanced options for the Eventually-follows filter

    • Filtering by processing time, waiting time and case utilization when events have start timestamps

    • Advanced options for Time window filters (case contained in the time window, active in, starts in, ends in)

    • Ability to download and upload filter criteria for reuse

    • Pie charts to show the percentage of cases, variants and events left after applying a filter

    • Minor cosmetic fixes

  • Dashboard:
    • Support for case-level attributes

    • Minor cosmetic fixes

  • CSV Importer:
    • Improved data type detection

    • Ability to import zipped and gzipped CSV files

  • Process Discoverer: Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Caching mechanism to improve system performance

Version 7.8

Release Date: October, 2019

  • Filter: Advanced filtering options

  • CSV Importer: More robust CSV Importer

  • Improved handling of security permissions for event logs

  • Process Discoverer:
    • Performance and visual improvements

    • Various bug fixes

Version 7.6

Release Date: August, 2019

  • Filter: New Filter plugin

  • Process Discoverer: Various bug fixes and performance and visual improvements

  • CSV Importer: More robust CSV Importer

  • Improved handling of security permissions for event logs (Security button)

  • Migrated to the current version of ZK libraries

  • Dynamic switching of UI themes (Account -> Change theme)

Version 7.5

Release Date: August, 2019

  • Dashboard: New Dashboard plugin

  • Process Discoverer:
    • Automatic centering and fit to screen when changing layout

    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

  • CSV Importer:
    • Improved tolerance for errors while importing CSVs

    • More robust mechanism to recognize timestamp format

    • Multiple UI improvements

  • Added password recovery feature