Create/edit process model

The BPMN Editor allows us to edit, save, and export (BPMN) process models. To access the editor, open the process model from the Apromore Workspace by double-clicking on the model. The image below shows a snapshot of the BPMN Editor environment.

On the left, the palette contains the BPMN elements to create or edit BPMN models. To add any of these elements to the process model, drag and drop it into the desired location.


Save model

To save a mode, click the save icon Create035 on the menu bar. Click Save.


We are prompted to enter the model name, description, version number, and folder to save the model. Click OK.


Each process version is kept in the memory, and it is possible to retrieve any of it at any time. To learn more on how to access the older versions of a process model come below, see Access an older version of a process model.


When Auto-save is checked, Apromore automatically saves any changes made to the process model.

Save a copy of a model

To save a copy of the process model, click the save icon on the menu bar. Click Save a copy.


Enter the details of the process model and click OK.


Save a copy allows us to create a duplicate of the process model.

Download model

We can download a process model in .PDF, .BPMN, .SVG or PDF. If the process model has a defined simulation scenario. We can also download the simulation in .XLSX format. To download a model, click the download icon Create036. Select the format of the model we wish to download.



Remember to allow pop-up windows before exporting the process. Otherwise, the export may fail.


The undo Create037 and redo Create038 icons allow to undo and redo changes applied to the process model.


Zoom-in/Zoom-out/Fit to screen

The two zoom lenses allow us to zoom-in and zoom-out.


If we want to fit the model dynamically when we resize our browser screen, click on the Fit to screen icon Create039.

Change the font size

We can change the font size used for the activities’ names by clicking the Change font size icon.


The Change font size slider appears. Adjust the font size using the slider.


Create and delete comments

To specify some details about the process activities, we can create comments. To leave a comment, click on the activity and the Create040 button next to it.


comment window appears. Type the comment. Press Enter.


To delete a comment, click on the textual part of the comment and click x.


Create custom attributes for BPMN elements

To attach custom attributes such as “cost”, “priority”, or “risk” to a given activity, click on the activity, and choose the Metadata subsection of the Properties drawer. Click “+” next to Add property. Type the attribute name and value.


To delete attribute(s) attached to a given activity, click on X next to the attribute’s name and value.


Add attachments and attachment labels.

Attachments are pictures used to give extra details to the process model. Attachment labels are texts that explain what the attachment is. Attachment labels can also be an external link. We can add attachments and attachment labels to a process model. To do this, click the task the attachment will be placed. Open the properties pane in the far right and go to the Attachments tab.


Click the “+” symbol. Enter the name of the attachment and click Upload to upload the attachment.



The attachment’s name is considered a part of the attachment label.

We can also add an embedded link to the attachment name. Enter the URL in Link for image. Notice the image title is now a hyperlink.


We can add other attachment labels as Icon List. These are texts or icons that will appear under the image. We can add URLs to these icons.


We can add icons by clicking Create041. Select the preferred icon from the range that appears.


To delete the icon from the process model, click on the Remove button next to the icon and its name.


Show or hide comments

To hide comments, click the eye icon in the BPMN Editor.


This displays a dropdown with a list of options.


Uncheck Show comments.


The comment now appears hidden.


To show the comments again, check Show comments.

Resize attachments associated with tasks

When an attachment is added to a task, we can resize the attachment in the BPMN Editor. To resize an attachment, click the resize attachment icon.


A white box appears. Select and drag the corner of the white box to resize the attachment.


Show or hide attachments and attachment labels

We can show or hide attachments and attachment labels in the BPMN Editor using the eye icon on the menu bar.

Show or hide attachments

To hide attachments, click the eye icon in the BPMN Editor. Uncheck Show attachments.


The attachment now appears hidden.


To show the attachments again, check Show attachments.

Show or hide attachment labels

To hide attachment labels, click the eye icon in the BPMN Editor. Uncheck Show attachments labels.


The attachment label becomes hidden.


To show the attachments again, check Show attachments labels.

Access an older version of a process model

To access older versions of a process model, select the process model in the repository. In the bottom left corner, select the version we want to edit from the tab.


Double-click on it or right click on the file and click Edit.