Create dashboards

The Apromore Custom Performance Dashboard offers a variety of custom visualization options.

To open the dashboard, select at least one event log and click on Analyze” - > “View performance dashboard. We can also visualize multiple event logs in the custom dashboard by selecting them.


Once the performance dashboard opens up, click on the ‘+’ button to create a dashboard from an existing dashboard, or create a dashboard from scratch.


Create from existing views

The main purpose of creating a dashboard from an existing view is to modify an existing view by retaining the existing performance metrics and adding additional performance metrics.

To create a custom dashboard from an existing view, click on Create from existing.


We can choose from three different views: Overview, Activities and Resources.


To create a new dashboard from an existing resources view, click on Resources.


A new Resources dashboard will open up. Similarly, we can create a new dashboard from Overview and Activities.


Create from scratch

To create a custom dashboard from scratch, click on Create from scratch.


A blank editable view will open up.


We can change the view’s title by entering the text in the Title text field.