Manage users, groups and roles

Users and groups management functionality allows us to grant permissions to users for either using features or different artifacts. Each user can belong to a group or can be associated with a role. A Role is an attribute of the user. A Group is a set of users and is about access rights to different folders/files (e.g. as a member of the group Sales I can only access files related to the Sales Department).


Only a user with administrator rights can access the Manage users and groups functionality

Click on the Manage users button.


Once the User management window opens up, we can create/remove a user, create/remove a group, create/remove/clone role(s) and assign users different roles and groups.

Create new user

To create a new user, click on the Create new user button.


Enter all the details in the Create new user dialog and click on Create button.


The user will be created.


Remove User

To delete a user, select the user you want to delete and click on Remove user button.


Confirmation Question window appears. Click on OK to delete the user.


In case we don`t want to lose files that the user had in his workspace we can transfer them to another user.

To do so, select the user we want to delete and click on Remove user button.


To transfer files, choose Transfer ownership option in the bottom left corner of the Delete user window, which appears right after we click OK in the confirmation window.



Specify the name of the user to whom we want to transfer the files.


Click Delete user to finalize the process.


If we looked through the files and didn`t find them necessary, we can remove them by choosing the Delete assets option.



If the user didn`t have any logs/folders in his workspace, he will be deleted right after we click on OK in the confirmation window.

Create new group

To create a new group, click on Create new group button in the Groups section.


Enter the name of the group and click on Create.


The group will be created. To add users to a group, select the group. On the right-hand side, we can select the user and click on “>” button to add the users to the group.


To remove a user from the group, select the user in Assigned Users section and click on “<” button.


Remove group

To remove a group, select the group and click on the Remove group button.


Add a user to a group

To add a user to a group, select the user and choose a group in the Assigned Groups section and click on Save.


Assign role to a user

Apromore allows assigning roles to users using Roles section. The default roles and their permissions are described here

To assign the role to a user, choose a role from the Role name list and select the user from Users not assigned to the role list. Click on image20.1 button and Save.


For bigger companies with the large variety of roles, the Search Role can be used to ease the process. To search for the role, click on image20.2, and enter the role name in the appeared field.


Create a new role

To create a new role, click on Create new role button.


The Create new role window pops up. Enter Role name, choose role-based permissions and click on Create.


The new role will appear in the Role name list.


Edit a role

To change the role name or assigned permissions, select a role, and click on Edit role button.


After all the necessary changes are made, click on Save.



It is not allowed to edit default roles. When you select one of the default roles Edit role button changes to View role. View roles allows seeing permissions assigned to each role.


Delete a role

To delete a role, select the role and click on Remove role button.


The confirmation window pops up. Click OK.


Clone a role

To copy-paste, the role`s permissions, click on Clone role. It might be of particular use when the new role is identical to an existing one with only a few exceptions.