Use predictions in dashboards and filters

Once a predictive model has been attached to an event log, we can use the two attributes associated to this prediction (the predicted value and the confidence level) in a dashboard and in filters.


To learn how to attach a predictive model to an event log, see View predictions.

Use predicted attributes in dashboards

After attaching a predictor to an event log, we can use the predicted attributes in the Dashboard. Below, we show how to configure a chart to display, for each channel, the number of cases where “Predicted_ Acceptance” is Yes or No.

Select Case attribute on the X-Axis. Select “Channel” as the X-Axis Attribute. Select “Case attribute” as the Y-Axis and select “Predicted_ Acceptance” as the Y-Axis Attribute.

In this example, we select Heat map as the Chart type.


Note that in this example, all the cases are predicted to be accepted (“Predicted_Acceptance” is “Yes”).

Use predicted attributes in filters

We can also use the predicted attributes to filter an event log. For instance, we can filter cases where “Predicted_ Acceptance” is “Yes”.

To do this, open an event log with Process Discoverer and create a filter. In the Case attribute tab, select “Predicted_ Acceptance” from the dropdown.


This will enable us to filter the log based on the values in the “Predicted_ Acceptance” attribute.