Manage licenses

All users in Apromore are mapped to a license. A license defines the extent of the permissions accessible to a user. You can use the User Management window to create new roles and assign them to a license.

To create a new role and assign it to a license in Apromore, go to Apromore Portal. Click the Manage users icon image1



Only users with Superuser or Administrator role can access the manage users functionality.

The User Management window pops up. Click the Roles tab. You will be see a list of roles and the corresponding licenses.


Click the Create new role icon image2


This displays the Create new role window. Enter the Role name, and select a Role template. The License type is updated based on the Role template you have selected.

Toggle on or off the permissions you wish to grant, and click Create. This creates the role with the specified license.



When creating a new role, you must assign the role to a license.

View the License Summary

There is a maximum number of available license in a tenancy. When a user is assigned a license, the available license is updated. To view the available license in your tenancy, click on the License summary icon image3.


This displays the License summary window that shows the number of licenses assigned and the number left.



If the limits of a role is reached, and the Superuser or Administrator creates a new user assigned to that role, the user is created but the role is not assigned. This can be observed by no assigned role in the user management window. The Superuser or Administrator needs to assign the user to another role whose limit has not been reached to permit the user to log in.


If you require more licenses or want to know more about the different license types in Apromore, please contact your Customer Success Manager.