Download a File

We can download process models and log files from the Apromore workspace to our local machine.

Download a Process Model

Apromore allows us to download a process model as a .BPMN file. To download a process model, go to the Apromore Workspace in Portal. Click on the process model we wish to download.


Click the download icon Downlo014 in the top menu.


A message indicating that the download has started is displayed.



The file downloaded appears as a ZIP file. The ZIP file needs to be extracted to access the process model file in .BPMN format.

Alternatively, we can download a process map by right-clicking on the file name and clicking Download.


Apromore allows us to also download multiple process models. Select the multiple files using the Click + Ctrl key (for Windows) or the Click + command key (for Macbooks).


We can download them by right-clicking or by clicking the download icon in the top menu. The selected files are downloaded as a ZIP file.

Download an Event Log

Apromore allows us to download an event log from our workspace. Event logs are downloaded in CSV or parquet format. To download an event log, click on the file to be downloaded.


Click on the download icon Downlo014 in the top menu.


The Download log window pops up. We will be prompted to specify the file format we wish to download. If a CSV file format is selected, we can also set the encoding type.


After specifying the file format and encoding, click Download.


The file is downloaded as a ZIP file to our local machine.

Also, we can download an event log by right-clicking on the file and clicking Download.


Similarly, multiple event logs can be downloaded. To download multiple event logs, select the multiple event logs by clicking on the file name with the Ctrl key (for Windows PC) or Command key (for Macbooks).

Download notification

Apromore allows us to see the download status in the notification center. To check the download status, click the notifications center icon Downlo015 in the top-right corner.


While a download is ongoing, we can click the trash bin icon Downlo016 to cancel download.


A successful download is indicated by a tick mark by the file name.


We can click the Downlo018 icon to clear a notification.


We can also clear all notifications by clicking Clear all.