Apply dashboard templates

Apromore now provides the ability to save a filter or a dashboard template that has been defined on an event log and to apply the saved template to another log. For example, we can create a dashboard template on an event log containing all the cases of an order-to-cash process that was completed in October and then copy it to an event log containing all the cases of the same order-to-cash process for November.

To create a dashboard template, first, open the dashboard plugin, select at least one event log and click on Analyze - > View performance dashboard. image1

Dashboard window appears. Choose the chart to be filtered and click on Edit.


Select the Advanced view by swiping to the right from the Basic.


Click on Filter log. Filter log window opens.


To make the chart filter more visually appealing, change the chart view. For example, from the spine to columns.


Select the desired filter and click on Ok. For optimal use of filters, please go through the Filter Log manual.


To save the dashboard template with the applied filter, click on Done placed on the top left corner of the Dashboard window.


Save a new dashboard window appears, consisting of 2 parts: Save as to name the new dashboard and list of Existing dashboards below. To finalize saving, click OK.


Dashboard pop-up appears, confirming that the Template was saved successfully. Click OK.


To apply the saved template, open another log.


To upload the template, click on image10

Load dashboard template window appears, displaying the list of available templates.


To rename or delete the template from the list, click on the corresponding button next to the template name.


Click on Check compatibility to see whether the selected template is a fit for the selected log and can be applied.


In the Apply to drop-down the list of logs that are compatible to the selected template is present.


Once done, click on Apply.


Load dashboard template pop-up appears, asking whether the current dashboard should be saved before the application of the template. Choose Yes, No or Cancel depending on your needs.


After the template was applied, the dashboard will change accordingly.