Save filter

Apromore allows us to save and share filters. To save a filter, we first need to create a new filter and then save the filter.

To create a new filter, choose the filter criteria and click OK.


Save as

Once a filter is created, click Save as to save the new filter.


The Save filter criteria dialog will appear. Enter a name and description for the filter and click OK.


Once the filter is saved, we will see a confirmation message.


We can load an already saved filter associated with a log. To a load filter associated with a log, click the Open button.


Select a filter that we wish to load and click Apply.


After clicking Apply, the filter will appear in the filter criteria window.



When we update an already saved filter, we can save the updated filter. For example, we add filter criteria to an existing filter and click Save.


We get a message confirming we want to overwrite the existing filter. Click OK.


The saved filter is now updated.