Apply filter templates

Apromore provides the ability to save a filter template that we have defined on an event log and to apply the saved template to another log. For example, we can create a filter template on an event log containing all the cases completed within 5 to 21 days and then copy it to another event log such that it also filters cases completed within 5 to 21 days.

To create a filter template, first create the desired filter on a particular log. For example, in the screenshot below, we define a filter on the “Procure-to-Pay” log that retains cases that spend more than five days but less than 21 days.


After clicking OK, the applied filter settings will be displayed on the right side under the Criteria section.


Double-click on a criterion to edit it. Right-click to see the full description of the criterion.


To save the filter template, click on the Manage templates button - Apply011, and click Save template.


In the Save filter template window that pops up, enter the filter’s name and description. Existing templates are also displayed below. Click OK.


A confirmation window pops up. Click OK.


The template is successfully saved. To apply it to another log, return to the Portal and select the log we would like to filter. Click the filter icon to open the Filter log window. Without applying a filter, click Cancel.


The filter criteria window is displayed with no applied filter. To load a saved filter template, click the Manage templates button - Apply011. Click Load template.


The load filter template window opens with the list of saved templates. To rename or delete the template, click on the corresponding buttons placed next to the template.


Select the needed template and click Apply.



To export a filter template, click Download in the bottom left corner of the Load filter template window. Similarly, we can click Upload to upload an already downloaded filter template.