View predictions

Apromore allows us to use the predictive models that have been trained to generate a table with predictions for each of the cases in an event log.

To generate predictions, select the event log and right click on it, choose View prediction.


View prediction windows opens. Select the predictor you would like to use by clicking on Select predictors.


Select predictor window opens. To select the predictor, choose from the list of available predictors by clicking on the image3.2 button in the Available predictors section.


To unselect the predictor, click on image3.1 button next to its name.


When the preferred predictor(s) are selected, click on Apply to generate predictions.


The green notification appears, updating us about the prediction’s generation. The predictions for each case will be attached and displayed inside the View prediction window.


To download the report with the attached predictions in Excel form, click on Download CSV.