Discover BPMN model with simulation parameters

Apromore allows to automatically discover a BPMN model with simulation parameters from an event log. This feature reduces the time and increases the accuracy of data needed to perform simulations. For example, many large businesses have more than 100 activities per process to analyze - manually adding the simulation parameters will take a lot of time. We can extract the simulation parameters by selecting the option “include simulation parameters” to obtain a model that is ready for simulation.

Select the log on the basis on which you would like to perform simulation on and double-click on it to open Process Discoverer.


Switch from Process Map to BPMN model, using the slider in the Visualization settings tab placed left in the menu bar.



Depending on the complexity of the model, we can play around with the Abstraction settings.


After applying all the necessary settings and filter(s), click on image3.1 button to save the model discovered from the log.


Save BPMN model window opens.


Enter the model’s name and tick the Include simulation parameters box. Click OK.


The successful saving of the model notification pops up.


To perform the simulation of the discovered model, return to Apromore Portal, right-click the model, and choose Simulate.


Save generated simulation log window appears. Enter the name of the simulated log. Click Save.