Check conformance

Apromore now allows analysis of the relations between the intended process behavior described by the BPMN model and the actual executing process represented by the event log. Comparison of 2 artifacts helps to detect the process deviations, violations, and modeling inconsistencies. This type of analysis is called Conformance checking. To check the conformance, first, select a log and a process model and click on Analyze -> Check conformance.


An alternative way to perform the delta analysis is to select 2 BPMN models - the model of the expected process behavior and the model created from the log and click on Analyze -> Compare models.


Conformance checking * window appears, consisting of two parts: list of *Case variants on the left side and process model on the right side.


Check case variant path and its` deviations by clicking on the case variant.The differences will be overlayed and are visible by means of different colors.


To check the color-coding description, click on the *Show legend * button.


To reorder the list of Case variants based on different factors, click on image5.1.